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PostPosted: Sun Dec 01, 2013 5:48 am 

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nightlife wrote:
I have trapped for over 35 years and run dogs for only about 6 so I don't know everything but I do know that most dogs that get caught and killed are where they shouldn't be and that the trapper most likely should not have set killer traps there even if it was legal to do so

there are plenty of cubby designs that while not 100% effective can greatly reduce the chance of catching someone's dog,

I agree that the trapper could have and should have used different words, just like the coon hunters that reply to land owners that there dogs cant read no trespassing signs, both engender a lack of respect which builds negative view of us in the eyes of those that get such remarks handed to them.

Dogs can be trained to avoid bucket sets as well as wooden cubbies, in fact its not that hard, and while its best to do so when pups most dogs of any age can be so taught.

Just get yourself a bucket and make a set such as you would use for coon except no trap instead set several mouse traps in place after a while they learn.

some older digs you migh have to get more aggressive I had one who did not get the point till I used a cattle fencer, that was before I had a shock collar.

Where I hunt, they also trap. I do better at killing coons so far than they do trapping. The manager always tells me on which side of the place they are trapping. It no longer bothers me BeCause they set mostly live tracps and some padded jaw legholds. I see it that a dog that is out hunting has never got caught, while I have had a pup or two that did not take off and go with the old dogs like he ought to stayed and farted around at the truck has got caught in a foothold and screamed hiissaassssoft within a hundred feet of the truck.I rescued the screaming imbacile pup but what if that same pup was fresh out the box and never had the chance to wander around on his own and not take off like he ought to with the old dogs? then he sticks his nose in a hole with a cottonmouth in it and got bit? I am thinking to myself "If you hadda bin workin instead of farting around , This would not have happened to your dumb self. Almost the same as huntin a fat assssed dog and he runs whatever aways and he gets hot and lays down in a puddle of water to cool off and gets Gater ate. Whosfault is that?
And yes, I do not want killer snares on highground thank you, but the trapper down here on this place also hunts coons with me with his dog.

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