Winchester Model 1400 MK II question
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Author:  dixiebandt [ Sun Jun 23, 2013 3:05 am ]
Post subject:  Winchester Model 1400 MK II question

i got one of these free from a buddy, kind of a thanks for helping out on a few things. he didn't ever use it much so didn't know much about it and now I haven't talked with him lately due to him having some family problems etc- not my business so not sure and don't wana bug him about a dumb gun.

but anyway, ive had a couple problems with it and cant find any soloutions yet. first thing, it jams after EVERY shot. not bad but it wont eject any of the emptys. I only use it so far for fun, shooting tennis balls, targets whatever but no hunting yet. anyway is this a common problem with them? any easy fixes? I haven't taken it apart but ive cleaned it to a gleam as far as I could with it assembled so it shouldn't be just dirty unless theres some spots im just not getting to. its like the bolt just isn't sliding all the way back or something. I just need to hold the bolt back and shake the gun sideways and the empty falls out but Holy cow is it annoying after every shot.
oh and 12 gauge semi-auto
also, I moved a couple months ago and the front bead sight fell out somewhere along the way. I would rather have some other kind of sight like something for turkey hunting so more along the lines of rifle sights- if I ever get it to eject right anyway. does anybody know in simple terms if its safe to gas weld or braze the end of the barrel? most of the sights ive checked out and liked so far need brazing but ive never done that on a gun yet. it is a long barrel and was a free gun so even if its not the best idea but still possible id probably give it a try. there couldn't be too much pressure up there at the end could there?

and last, ive never really gotten into slug hunting but is it safe to shoot slugs through a regular smooth barrel? if it is what choke would I need or would I not use a choke tube? is buck shot safe in these barrels? maybe not the best questions but im not the most experienced with shotguns and id rather ask than get hurt.

thanks anybody for any advice its for sure appreciated!