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Author:  LCK [ Wed Feb 11, 2009 2:25 am ]
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There is some great advice here from folks who know what they are talking about. Here is just one more thing that has worked wonders for me. I learned it from one of the best Bluetick breeders and coonhunters that ever lived, Buzz Anderson. Run the dog with another hound or two who do stay treed. When the dog leaves, catch it and tie it off about 20 yards away from the tree where he can hear the party, but be all alone. Go to the treeing dogs and have the biggest tree party you ever had. Squall, shake limbs, bang on the tree. Let the dogs really get fired up and screaming. Shoot the coon out and everything you can imagine. Then recast the dogs. Go get the quiter and keep him on lead while they run another coon. Let them get treed, and repeat this. Keep an ear cocked for the dog tied back in the woods. IF the dog is worth fixing, he/she will be throwing the biggest fit you ever heard by now. IF the dog is really going bonkers out there in the dark, go get it and let it pull you to the tree. Get it on the tree and pet it up good for treeing, then tie it back and let the other dogs have the coon. Don't let it touch the coon. Then drag it's quitten butt back to the truck and lay it up for a couple days. Then repeat the same thing. Do this for at leasst three or four outings. You will know after the first or second time if it's workin, because he will be at the first tree. If he doesn't come around after this, chances are he aint gonna be much of a tree dog like mentioned above. I have had very good luck with this with some seemingly hopeless cases. Good luck!

Author:  riflecarrier [ Wed Feb 11, 2009 8:53 am ]
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Thanks LCK I've been having a similar issue and i'm going to give this a go. Hopefully it comes around to the idea

Author:  Boots [ Wed Feb 11, 2009 8:56 am ]
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good advice LCK a lot of people on here need that .because they try to early if they took the pup and snap a lead on him and walked him in a lot of this not treeing and not barking on trail wood stop.the pup hears the party all the way to the tree and the pup gets it riding time,learns to pack and no pressure from older dogs.

Author:  Dawg [ Wed Feb 11, 2009 10:52 am ]
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You could wind up with a dog that just falls treed when any other dog does. Teasing them with the other dogs may make a biger problem. It may work on a 100 dogs but I think there are me too dogs made in the same way. You are reinforceing the treeing but not the trail to the tree or checking the tree itself. These guys I am sure have done this successfully. But I would want to reinforce the whole treeing process. Not just the barking up.

Author:  new2sport [ Tue Mar 10, 2009 1:59 am ]
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My brother has a dog like this, She is a walker, about 2 years old. when you open the box she is GONE.. she has a bark that is like no other dog of ANY breed i have ever heard. she will run out and tree, if you walk in on her she is gone as soon as she can see you. we tryed running her with other dogs and she will not tree with another dog, if another dog comes in on tree with her she will leave and go find another.

she has treed 12 coons in one night, but we ALWAYS have to go back and get her the next day. reguardless of where we hunt or how many dogs we take, once she is out of the truck, it is the next day getting her back.

we went night before last and she treed 3 and we tryed to catch her and she got on a track, heard her bark 3 or 4 times then didnt hear anything after that. waited on her for over 2 hours and then headed home.
on the way home i was smoking and heard her barking about 3 miles frm where we was hunting and walked down in the woods and she was treed in a big den tree, there was 5 coon up there and she ran off and we heard her bark on another track and gave up on getting her back and went and got her yesterday.

i dont believe in the use of shock collars and all that. there is hundreds of ways to train a dog to do a single thing. i've always looked for some other method but looks like i'm going to need a shocker to get her back to us at the end of the night.

Author:  bluwalker [ Wed Mar 25, 2009 9:08 am ]
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Tie her up next to the dogs you hunt with. take them for walks on a double lead and let them play together. Ya definately tie him up when you put the coon down and give it to the other dogs. Maybe pet them a little bit too dont even look at the other dogs. When he does start stickin the tree give him the coon if he does well and only pat him a couple times and say good job good job too much praise and they get a big head, just the right amount of praise and they keep wanting the praise at the end, seems to have made mine tree harder and harder everytime but not all dogs are the same.

Author:  brndnnoland [ Thu Mar 26, 2009 5:11 pm ]
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Author:  Dawg [ Thu Mar 26, 2009 6:28 pm ]
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I can beleive you don't beleive in a e-collar. The way some people use them I don't blame you. BUT if you ever see what one can do in good hands I gaurantee you will beleive in them from then on. If that dog would do the very basic command (the come) you would have one heck of a dog. It takes home work or you will just make it worse with a shock collar though. The dog has to learn that come means come. If he doesn't there is going to be a shock about every time your heart beats till he makes body contact with you.
Put him in a yard and nick him with just enough heat to make him flinch. Do the same thing you do in the woods to make him come. I make a whoop as loud as I can. Do it over and over till he gets there. Stop the shock and whoop then pet and praise. You do that till no matter what he is doing or what is going on around the house he will come. Even call him off his food. Anything he will be stubern about. That way if he balks and don't come you can turn the heat up and unlock his feet. Then when he starts comming toward you turn the heat back down but keep bumping him till he gets all the way to you.
Then first time or two in the woods you may have to play him like a fish giveing him more to get him started your way and back off till the heat but keep up the nick till he getts there. BUT if he knows how to turn it off he will come flip the switch. You will have to hunt him in the collar for a while. Till he gets in the habbit of minding but as he learns were the switch is you take less crap off him. You will get to were if he isn't there pretty soon you will pop him preaty good. Becouse you know that he knows and he is just disrespecting your athority. When he gets to were he doesn't have to be shocked to come in and has been reliable for a while. Then you can run him with out the collar. If he won't come with out the collar. When you do catch him put the collar on, nick the crap out of him then turn him loose and see if he wants to try it again.
Teach him the punishment for not minding with the collar off is you putting it on and doing some obeidence.
I just got one about 6-7 weaks ago that the last 2 owners thought was an outlaw. I very seldom have to shock her to get her to come now. That is only when she is on a track and I want to go home. Some times not even then.

Author:  Dawg [ Thu Mar 26, 2009 6:55 pm ]
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brndnnoland wrote:
i got a 17 month old walker pup that will out track most dogs i've hunted with but when it comes to treeing he has never slick treed but when he trees he'll stay there just long enough to see you coming or until you get right there close and he is gone after another and some times he starts second guessing and never will just narrow it down to one tree he but there will be a coon right there with in a tree or two of where he is when you get close. and will not tree with some dogs whether there is a coon or not. What would be the best way to fix it? And can you hunt a dog to much

I'll bet this dog is a wide trail dog that will make them fast. BUT instead of tracking into the tree they air into it. So the coon will be there close but may be a tree or two off depending on wind and weather conditions. It will be hard to break with out going back to basics for a little bit BUT would make him fast and accurate if you did.
As far as leaveing the tree and starting another track. If you have a die hard come in them they have to come back to that tree when called. Now if they came back with out a big fuss becouse they are trained to come on command. Then you could shoot out a live coon and give them a big reward at the tree there supose to be at. Don't take long till they are waiting for you to shoot that sucker out.
My little gyp is hard on the wood but when you shoot she will turn around and look for were the coon is falling. The worst thing I have seen from this. Is a dog that would tree on his hink legs under the umbrella of the tree. Waiting and looking for the coon. If he seen it in the tree he would be right under it. That wasn't all bad. I didn't have to worry about ill dogs at the tree.
If people would handel there dogs at home enough to teach there dogs COME, GOOD,and BAD there problems in the woods would be so much smaller.
Dog trying to climb a tree. BAD back feet hits the ground GOOD.
Dog going in a hole. BAD comes out and starts bawling. GOOD
Dog leaveing a tree COME
Off game BAD COME
Dog headed to highway COME or WHOOP
Three commands and a little discipline soooooooooooo much control !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Even if the dog doesn't make a world class dog. It will be worth 10 times as much just becouse it minds.

Author:  Ricky Williams [ Tue May 05, 2009 11:34 am ]
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i have a 5 year old female that i have just bought. will track and tree but when we get about 30 yards from her see quits treeing and will not go back on tree she has not been hunting much so i know she is not getting burnt out. she is over weight and is slow but show great interest on cage coon and a drag. she tree hard when see knows that the coon is there. she dont want to go by her self but she will stay with other dogs. do i need to start as i was starting her as a pup or just keep hunting her by her self and show her some meat. any suggestions please reply.

Author:  Dawg [ Tue May 05, 2009 9:00 pm ]
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I would handel her a lot at home. Some idiot probubley beat her under a tree for trash or something. Gain her trust and it might not be a bad thing to release a coon for her and stay right with her when she trees it. Then give her a treat while under the tree. Tie her and let her tree while you are there. Sit down and pet her any way you can get to the tree while she is there and her a reward. Warning though if you sell her the new guy may have to do the same thing.

Author:  jeffz [ Tue May 05, 2009 9:39 pm ]
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Author:  Ricky Williams [ Tue May 05, 2009 9:48 pm ]
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I have done that twice with her she treed hard on it she even got one then on the ground before it could get up the tree. i made her let go of it so it could go up the tree. then she started treeing on it hard she is a good dog real friendly my kids can let her out and feed her and they can even try to play with her while she is eating. she has took up with us real good in the last two in half months i have had her she listens real good.

Author:  Dawg [ Wed May 06, 2009 9:38 am ]
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So did she stay treed while you were there that time? Have you seen if she will stay at the tree when you walk up now? Did you shoot it out to her after she treed on it?

Author:  Dawg [ Wed May 06, 2009 9:52 am ]
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You may have to go back to a drag a few times. But if you can get to the tree on releasted coon in the dark I would stick to that. A 5 year old with that problem is most often caused by getting thumped at the tree by man or dog or both.