Deer braking
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Author:  RTWojo [ Fri Mar 18, 2016 5:24 pm ]
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catholicdad wrote:
my advice to get an accurate description of the wick method is to come off about 35 bucks and buy the best book on coonhound training out there, WALK WITH WICK. you will find detailed information on fixing just about anything out there from pup to world champion dog. But here is the readers digest version. you have a box that the dog lives in for in total about a week to week and a half set up with electric fence wire. the dog completes the circut (at the correct time). you take a cloth that is unscented and hang it on a clothes line that you can operate from 30 to 50 feet away. after the dog gets used to the box and the cloth with no ill effect, you swap the cloth for one that has been wrapped around a deer tarsal gland. let the dog get the scent and plug in the power . 3-5 times daily (as fully detailed in the walk with wick book) and POW the dog associates the smell of deer with pain instead of fun to chase. snap... your dog quits chasing deer, possum, cat, whatever you choose to put on the scent rag. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DO NOT THINK THAT THIS IS THE ENTIRE METHOD. IT IS NOT. THIS IS ONLY A BREIF OVERVIEW OF IT. I am not benefitting from endorsing MR WICKS book, I am only trying to help give another alternative to people who are going through what I went thru. Many nights I ran down the battery in my quick track searching for my trashy dog, instead of sleeping. BUT NOT ANYMORE. do yourself a favor and buy the book, walk with wick vol one.

I didn't see this method in there. Just the ome where wick takes a tarsal gland and wires to an electric fence and whenever the goes near it it gets shocked by the fence.