Face barking in my face!
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Author:  chrome_molly [ Fri Feb 17, 2017 5:20 am ]
Post subject:  Face barking in my face!

I have a 7 month old blue dog that Im starting to mess with and Im not sure how to handle the situations shes putting me in. From the day I got her as a little pup she has been super aggressive over food. Ive tried everything except lighting her up with a E-collar and nothing works. Outside of feed time shes super calm and shows no aggression what so ever. Now to my problem....First time Ive done a drag with her she worked the track and stayed with it till she found the coon which I left in on the ground to start but when I walked up to praise her she slightly growled but that was it. The second dead coon I exposed to her I just had laying in my yard just to let her smell it and taste it. When we walked up to it she smelled and had a good time then like the flip of a switch her tail went under her legs, hair stood up and she turned around towards me and started growling, barking and jumping up at me trying to get close to my face. I pulled her off and penned up and tried to convince myself that it was just excitement. I showed her the coon a few more times over the next few days and each time the aggression towards me increased. Each time she was on the lead with a choke collar and she walked back to the pen on her tippy toes. Ive only seen this type of behavior over food and now coon, she never acts this way over any toy or anything else and any other time im completely comfortable with getting on her level and putting my face next to hers. Is there any way of breaking this? Ive read and researched my options and so far my hopes are slim of breaking this. I know I can do my best and always hunt her alone but Im concerned that even if i do that I wont be able to safely get near her when shes on tree. I have a 3 yr old child and I cant have a dog that at the flip of a switch could turn on him sometime. Ideas and opinions please!!!

Author:  jeeppro [ Fri Feb 17, 2017 10:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Face barking in my face!

I would stop putting her in situations with a coon where she has the opportunity to be aggressive like that. She is just being possessive over the coon, and probably thinks you are going to take it from her. Continue to train her. Release a cage coon but do not let her see it in a trap. Just release it in a field and then wait 5 minutes and let her find the track. If she trees, tie her back and knock it out, but I would be very careful about letting her get her teeth in the coon if she still shows aggression toward you when the coon in on the ground.

If she gets aggressive toward you again, you cant let her know you are scared of her. I roll a dog on its back- its most vulnerable position- Put your hand under its chin so it can bite you, and hold it down until it quits struggling. Then slowly let it go. If it comes back for more, do it again. You don't have to beat a dog to let it know you are the leader of the pack... do it now while she is still young and you can break her. If she were 4 years old, I dont think you would be able to change her much.

Author:  redbonesforever69 [ Wed Jun 14, 2017 8:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Face barking in my face!

Sounds like this dog needs to know who's in charge what i do with dogs like that is put the fear of god into them put a shocker collar on him and when he pulls something like that crank her then put her on her back and shock her good a few times till she lays right out and submisses to you she'll figure it out also make her sit and wait for her food every time she eats and steal her food and pretend to eat it to show her that it's yours another thing is push her out of your way when you walk past i may sound harsh but i don't put up with aggressive dogs if they keep up that with me i'd be getting rid of her especially with a 3 year old

good luck

Author:  SHC's Walkers [ Wed Jul 19, 2017 11:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Face barking in my face!

Please do not take the advice of the previous post. A collar will ruin a hound as easily as they can help. I say if & ahem you get the food aggression taken care of the coon problem will cease also. There are several different ways to cure a dog of food aggression. When you use your eggs collar just be sure not to overdue it. I'm speaking from experience, trust me. Go with jeepro's advice. Feed the hound, give it a few minutes & as it's eating try to take the bowl away. When it growls, grab the hound by it's collar, flip it over on it's back & straddle it. Stay there until it stops struggling. As far as it doing this with a coon, I'd be concerned about if it's going to make it fight on tree. I'm not exactly sure what to say, lol. I've never had a problem arise quite like this.