Alpha not linking to collar
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Author:  KensbluetickRJ [ Thu Dec 03, 2015 6:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Alpha not linking to collar

My dog is 14 months old, my garmin alpha is about 8 months old... Couple of weeks ago, the handheld lost contact with the collar. Did some research and was told to update the software on both the handheld and collar, did that. No luck. Then told to erase older info on handheld, such as dog list and tracking info. Still nothing. Now I realize I do not have the tracking ID to even try to plug it in manually. Garman support was the one that told me to update and that should be the fix, tried reaching out to them recently but got cut off ... Dog needs to hunt and I can't afford another alpha, You guys have anything for me? Thanks

Author:  ugean [ Wed Dec 09, 2015 4:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Alpha not linking to collar

You shouldn't need the code to get them to link. There is a way by holding the button on the collar for it to go into sync mode. Then go to add collar/dog in the alpha and it should find it. I think you're supposed to touch the antennas to make sure they pick each other up.

If that doesn't work see if someone else can pick up your collar and alpha. Anyone with another alpha should be able to sync up. This also helps if you ever drop your alpha they can help you find it.